Vogue Toupee

Some people wear wigs to disguise baldness; A toupee is a hairpiece or partial wig of natural or synthetic hair worn to cover partially exposed scalp.
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The Best Hair Replacement Systems For Men

 The feel of Sentoo hair replacement systemss is very soft and lightweight, very nice, giving that plus of naturalness. Creeras that is a natural hair hair replacement systems.

Sentoo collection features 15 types of hair replacement systemss, different, having the possibility to choose many different shades of color, even with Wicks. There are more than 200 different combinations.

In addition, Sentoo full lace hair system are very recommended and indicated for people with oncological problems, due to its soft materials of construcciony its way to manufacturing.

Since chemotherapy processes and loss of hair, all scalp is exposed to the outside, and to be always protected by the hair becomes very sensitive area to be exposed. Up to 8 different parts within a Sentoo hair replacement systems can be distinguished (see attached photo of the hair replacement systems to the reverse).

Areas of the neck and the ears are very soft and comfortable, because that is an area where the hair density offered much friction or. They have adjustable if the user likes to take the hair replacement systems more holding, and up to 2 zones to put adhesive if necessary.

We at BALLESTEROS, as distributors, are very happy with this product.Many models, many colors and above all a quality in the manufacturing process which is transmitted after the customer giving a plus of comfort, image, and protection.

For any questions please contact us. Our website is: on the web, there is direct access to our blog and social networks, addresses and phones. So you could summarize the Sentoo hair replacement systemss. Talk about Sentoo, is to speak of unmatched quality.

Created by great designers that have the sole purpose of having a superior finish. Sentoo, aims to make you feel comfortable to all users of any age, providing a natural look and a comfort without equal up to people with very sensitive scalp.

They are Best Hair Replacement Systems For Men, whose manufacture is meticulously made by hand, for a perfect result. They allow maximum movement always natural looking.

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