Vogue Toupee

Some people wear wigs to disguise baldness; A toupee is a hairpiece or partial wig of natural or synthetic hair worn to cover partially exposed scalp.
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The nerve centers of man toupee

As you can see in the pictures show below, the effect is really brilliant because, along with a careful presentation and composition, have built a very elegant mono system, regardless of style (from afro short or straight hair).

Our online store you will see the collection Hairmania dedicated to men who need a full hair replacement systems. They are synthetic fiber and a refined styling and extremely comfortable. They provide a youthful style with a perfect color range. Shall put it in a second and you do not need glue or tape adhesion.

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Fine mono with poly coating on sides & back and transparent poly in front custom hair replacement
As a result, we have asked whether there is something similar in Spain, so today I want to present Pekelucas a bank of hair to make hair replacement systemss for children with cancer.

Sweepstakes is subject to all changes, contingencies and possible cancellations suffered by the preorder (if it goes ahead not preorder the draw will be canceled).

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Our friends hairdressers have told us that it is not advisable to "cut" for synthetic hair does not look good. Since usually the front is in good condition, we recommend doing a bun or braid subjects with a hairnet or hairpins.

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